Monday, August 8, 2011

One week in....and all is grand!!!!

Oh and let me start by saying that for some reason I am unable to post comments on my own I am not ignoring you A, R, and D's...I just can't comment...maybe I blocked myself....maybe Carolyn blocked me...."HONEY I need to talk to you!!!!!!"

Yep, my first week of being a stay at home Dad is complete and a fantastic week it was!!! We both survived it with no major injuries. On good days I even got a nap in the afternoon!!!!!

Sooooo what did we do????? Hmmmm let's see...

We played with Sunny the bird....

Oh and we made cupcakes....from scratch...a first for both of us....Clarissa iced and decorated them all by herself.

I did learn something though...dancing and jumping in front of the oven to celebrate how good they look through the window, as fun as it is, is not a great idea that results in some kind of flat cupcakes. As flat and rather bizarrely iced and decorated they were though....they still tasted great. Next comes the white cupcakes!!!! (we did chocolate to make Mommy happy)

Clarissa had snacks each day...

We hung out with lots of friends...

Bring on week number 2!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Let me introduce you to Mr. Mom!!!

Yep, tomorrow is my first day of being a stay at home Dad!

Now I figure there is one of two possibilities in play here. 1) Carolyn thinks that I am a great Dad and she is fully confident that all will be fine here upon her return to work tomorrow....or.....2) She is actually scared to death of the mayhem that may ensue and is just highly medicated enough to allow her to leave the house in the morning (err......assuming that she does actually leave the house in the morning). Let's take a poll.....Vote number 1, Vote number 1!!!!!!!!

Well either way, I am very much looking forward to spending my days with my beautiful little girl.

What will we do????? What will we do???? I think that we will start with making some cupcakes...ya cupcakes...white cake with light chocolate icing...or about light chocolate cake with brown sugar icing....ya light chocolate cake with brown sugar icing...that sounds really, really good. Now, I want to make them from box cake mix. Have I ever made cupcakes from scratch??? NOOOOOOO of course not, but I am sure that I can...I mean "we can"....Clarissa will help me......oh....wait, I seem to remember something about us being booked in for playgroup tomorrow...hmmmm I guess it won't be cupcakes tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday...ya Wednesday!!! We are so making cupcakes on Wednesday!!!! Ummmm unless I find out tomorrow night that we are booked for something else on Wednesday....but I will have you know that there will be cupcakes! Yes...there will be cupcakes!

Clarissa has taken a big liking to corn on the cob!!!

Mmmmmmmm bbq'd peaches!!!!!!

I did have a couple of more serious topics to talk about, but I got sidetracked by cuteness and the whole all about me thing.....I will get to the serious stuff soon though.....

In the meantime....Clarissa had the bunnies out...