Saturday, April 24, 2010

4 llllooooonnngggg days at CHEO...

The three of us are very, very happy to be home from CHEO after a scary bout with pneumonia.

Clarissa was thrilled to see her bedroom and all of her toys again. Mommy and Daddy were thrilled that their special little girl is so much better than she was just a few days ago when she was quite sick and had a fever of 39.9 celcuis. We are hoping that all continues to improve.

You know how when you go on vacation and then you get home and you say to yourself "Boy it is good to be home!!"? Well that statement will NEVER mean the same thing to me after a vacation. Today "IT WAS GOOD TO BE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!". To see our girl smiling, playing, running around (well wobbling around a bit after not walking for 4 days) was priceless!

I can live with less than 3 hours sleep in three nights, I can live with not eating right, I can live with feeling awful, but seeing my sweet little girl with a plethora of tubes and wires hooked up to her...and seeing her held down while she endured this poke and that prod....and seeing her cry for hours was......well pure torture for me and her Mommy.

I pray that we never have to go through anything like that again....knowing that at some point we probably will. The whole experience has me thinking alot about parents with really, really sick children. Where do they find the strength? I hope that I never need to find the answer to that question. Those parents will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anyhow, I must say that we are hugely grateful for CHEO. We are very fortunate to have them and their staff. I have always supported CHEO, but I have never truly appreciated why until today. They really took good care of our girl.

We also are so very grateful to Grandma and Grandpa who (were always there even though we were in isolation) after a couple of days of crappy hospital food brought us a wonderful dinner last night that I believe really helped Clarissa to get over the hump to be ready to come home. After not eating very much for a couple of days she could not get enough of her dinner last night. Thanks so much to Grandma and Grandpa. You are theeeee best!!!! We all love you very much!!!

Anyhow, let's see some more of a happy girl....(in her Tigger shirt that Daddy and Grandpa got for her in Myrtle Beach!!)....don't forget to click on the pictures to see them bigger.....

It is great to be home!!!! We love her soooooo much!!!

Clarissa will be very happy to see Grandma and Grandpa tomorrow.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A great Easter weekend!!!!

Here's hoping that everyone had a great Easter weekend from those of us in Clarissaville. As usual we had our two Easter bunnies (Benji and Lenny) inside the house.

We also had a visit from an Easter bunny in the backyard.

The weather all weekend long was beautiful. Daddy golfed in shorts on Friday, Mommy, Daddy, and Clarissa played outside then we bbq'd on Saturday

Sunday started with Clarissa doing a wonderful job of her first Easter egg hunt. She found all of her eggs that Mommy hid.

Next was an excellent visit with Grandma and Grandpa that included Clarissa's second Easter egg hunt, a spectacular turkey lunch/dinner, and a visit with Uncle Don (who is in Costa Rica) on Skype.

It rained a bit on Monday morning, but that was ok because it gave Daddy some time to put Clarissa new table and chairs together. She did not waste any time in using it to entertain with her best friend.