Monday, April 5, 2010

A great Easter weekend!!!!

Here's hoping that everyone had a great Easter weekend from those of us in Clarissaville. As usual we had our two Easter bunnies (Benji and Lenny) inside the house.

We also had a visit from an Easter bunny in the backyard.

The weather all weekend long was beautiful. Daddy golfed in shorts on Friday, Mommy, Daddy, and Clarissa played outside then we bbq'd on Saturday

Sunday started with Clarissa doing a wonderful job of her first Easter egg hunt. She found all of her eggs that Mommy hid.

Next was an excellent visit with Grandma and Grandpa that included Clarissa's second Easter egg hunt, a spectacular turkey lunch/dinner, and a visit with Uncle Don (who is in Costa Rica) on Skype.

It rained a bit on Monday morning, but that was ok because it gave Daddy some time to put Clarissa new table and chairs together. She did not waste any time in using it to entertain with her best friend.

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