Sunday, January 17, 2010

What????? It's been TWO WEEKS??????

Wow time sure flies. I cannot believe that it has been so long since I've put something up here. I need another....hmmmm...I figure 5 hours per day would do it. Two more hours with Clarissa, two more hours with Carolyn, and one more hour to sleep. Ahhhhhh forget the sleep...I'm getting used to very little of it...I think that I'd rather go with 2.5 hours with each of my girls.

It's funny and amazing to watch Clarissa grow and learn. She's not speaking much yet, but she understands quite well. For example if I say "Clarissa bring the ball to Daddy." she goes and picks up the ball and brings it to me. If I say "Clarissa throw the ball to Daddy." she goes and picks up the ball and throws it (sometimes it goes in my direction, sometimes not...but she's trying to do what I asked). If I say "go see Mommy." she walks over to Mommy. If I say "bring the ball to Mommy" she brings it to Mommy. If I say "Clarissa please don't do that" she does it anyways...ummm....errr....wait...let me clarify that....she stops looks at me with that look that says "Oh ya Daddy?????" and then she does it anyway. Yep, she's learning.

She's also becoming more and more cute and beautiful each and every day (just like her Mommy). Here's proof:

Oh...did I mention that she is starting to climb the stairs....and as you will see she is quite proud of herself for doing so. Fear not....we have the baby gates in full use. She only climbs when Mommy or Daddy is there letting her climb.


  1. I love the new post. It is amazing watching little people grow and discover!!!!

  2. She is absolutely adorable!!!