Saturday, March 26, 2011

"So when did you get her?"...and more Florida pictures....

Not long ago I was talking to someone and during the discussion they said "So I heard that you adopted a little girl from China." to which I replied "Yes, her name is Clarissa and she is a wonderful little girl." to which the person replied "So when did you get her?".

At the time the wording of the question felt a bit weird, but I didn't really say anything...I just answered it and moved on.

Thinking about it, it actually wasn't the first time I have heard the question asked that way, but for some reason it stuck in my mind this time. I have to admit it bugs me. I am sure that it was not at all meant that way, but it leaves me with the feeling of it being similar to getting a new car. "Hey, what a beauty!!! Those rims are awesome!!! Look at all the lights on the dash!!! That colour of paint is amazing! When did you get her????"

Now, I will be the first to admit that I don't know what the best..or proper..wording is to use, but I usually go with something like "We first met her...." or "She first came home with us....".

Anyhow, I guess that my point is please don't ask me when I "got" her.

In the end though, all that really matters is we are blessed with the most wonderful, smart, beautiful, special little girl.

We went to the sugar bush and Clarissa loved it!

She loooooved her first taste of maple taffy!!!!

Hey, I never got to posting more Florida pictures....and now I am going to bed....oh well take this for now and more later.....


  1. Hence why I don't like the term "Gotcha Day" and love that Adrian used "Delivery Day" and I use "Family Day"

  2. I don't like "Gotcha Day" either. I like "The best, most incredible, amazing, fantastic, awesome day in our family's history!!!!"

  3. Sometimes I just love using the questions we are asked, back on the people asking the questions. Now, I admit, it is not mature... but it feels GOOD!

    Friend: (looking at Ping) Oh, what a beautiful girl! Is she yours?
    Me: Yup. (looking at thier child) Is he yours?

    Friend: Oh your daughter is lovely! You adopted from the Waiting Child program? What's wrong with her?
    Me: Nothing, she's great. What's wrong with you? Cuz I'm thinking of a few things right now...

    etc, etc, etc...

    See, I said it wasn't MATURE... but it DOSE feel good. ;-)