Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to a very special little girl!!!!!...and a bunch of other stuff from the last month....

First things first....

Today is our beautiful little girl's 3rd birthday!! Man time sure flies!

Can you tell that there is a bit of a theme going here????

She blew out all (3) of her candles on her cake....with a bit of help on the last one from Mommy.....

Sooooo what else has gone on over the last month....I must get on this more is tough to remember everything!!!!

Let's see....oh ya....we spent a weekend at Mont Tremblant to celebrate Nanna and Poppa's 50th Anniversary. We stayed at a great spot, some excellent food, good wine, a little golf....yep a great weekend.

I found an excellent chef who owns a restaurant in Tremblant and was willing to come in with a server to cook and serve a fantastic meal for us right in our condo.....Patrick Bermand!

We played some golf....

Clarissa even got some wonderful early birthday gifts from Uncle Richard and Aunt Frankie

(yep that's the Leafs and the Habs on tv....yep I know...not a real hockey game.....)

We also spent some time in the village

Fall is here.....

Our thoughts and prayers are with our good buddy Brian from my hockey team who had surgery to repair some vertebrae after going head first into the boards.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with our friend Roberta who is heading for a second trip to China...our thoughts and prayers are also with Adrian who is staying here while she is gone.

Ok...downloading all these pictures has taken longer than I figured on....lots more to add, but no time right now.....I will aim for another post tomorrow.

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