Friday, February 17, 2012

Where was I???? Oh I don't even know anymore....

Look at me!!!!!!

I can't believe how the time flies around here. So much going on. Not the least of which we have been doing a great job of sharing illness. The three of us have been passing around this stupid cold...flu...virus...whatever the heck it is!! I just want it to get out of here. We are trucking on though.

Oh...since I never got to it here....Merry Christmas!!!! Happy New Year!!!! Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Did I miss anything???

In my defense, one of the reasons that I haven't posted lately is that I don't have access to my laptop very often these days....

Our Basement saga is still ongoing, but the end is getting closer...3/4 of the drywall is up now....

Now we only have the last 1/4 that is going to be a big pain in the butt to do working around the furnace, hot water tank (which is so close to the wall that a sheet of drywall won't fit behind it!!!), the sink, the electrical, fun, fun.

Clarissa is starting to get excited about going to school in the fall.

What??? I need to have a reason to post a picture of my beautiful girls????? I don't think so!!!

Well I am less than two weeks away from returning to work after 7 months of being home with my little sweety. This brings mixed feelings. Believe it or not I miss my work. I like my work. It has been somewhat odd for me not to go to work for such a long time. I never really take more than a week of holidays at a time. However, I could never even begin to express how special the time at home with Clarissa has been. There just aren't adequate words. I mean just look at this....

My Sous-chef and I have had a great time making (and ummm....tasting...) all kinds of good stuff.

Most recent was a special Valentine's Day cake for Mommy with a heart and sprinkles on it....

The FOI Chinese New Year party was fun, it was great to see all of the families from Ottawa who we travelled to China with....and there was a dragon!!!!

Clarissa had lots of fun at the annual Red Team Chinese New Year party at Will's....she met a....friend...

My biggest question about going back to work is how in the world will I survive without my afternoon nap???????????


  1. What wonderful pictures, as always. Happy Ground Hog Day!

  2. Ahhhhh good one....I forgot Ground Hog Day!!! Thanks!