Monday, September 3, 2012

So how was your summer?????

Our summer has been great. Loads of fun and jollification. Some fairs, a trip to Vegas, a stop at the Hot Air Balloon Festival....stuff like that.

This week we celebrated three years since we first met Clarissa!!! Not "Gotcha Day"....I can't stand that term....we didn't "get" her.....sounds too much like an aquisition to me....anyhow...I am sure that I have ranted about that before so I will leave it alone. Stick to the positives ya...3 whole years since we met this incredible little girl. Time sure does fly.
We also recently celebrated our 9th anniversary! Clarissa had her first limo ride and just loved it.

She was quite at home inside it.

One of her new favourite dinners is.........

Yep, plank grilled salmon!

Tomorrow is Clarissa's first day of school and she is so excited about it. She has already met her teacher and likes her very much. Man time flies!!!! I will get some shots of her first day in her uniform and post soon.....won't be 3 months again.

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