Thursday, October 22, 2009

Has it really been another whole week?????

Well aren't I delinquent?!?!?!?! I really am aiming to do better than one post per week. Things have just been a bit nuts. I'll do better...really I will. Life.

So where are we at in Clarissaville???? Well, it is 3 days away from Clarissa's Christening. We are very much looking forward to it. Clarissa says that she is too. It will set a new record for the number of people that we have had in our home at one time. Should be fun.

I am still adjusting to being away from my girls all day, and getting pretty much only a short time in the morning (some days), and two hours (if I am lucky) when I get home with my wonderful, incredible little girl. I must say that there really aren't words that adequately describe the feeling of getting home after a long day at work and opening the door to see that huge smile on Clarissa's face. It is just....nope...there aren't words. Mommy smiles at me sometimes too!!!!

We have been slowly introducing new foods to's discovery.....she doesn't like peas...even after watching Daddy take a mouthful (blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I like regular peas....however, sorry Gerber but........

We are also getting close to Clarissa's first birthday!!!!! She has given Daddy a big long list of things that she wants. Some of the things on the list: front row tickets to a Sens game, 5 pounds of smoked meat from Schwartz’s in Montreal, a fridge for the basement to keep barley based beverages (and food) cold, a trade-up from the 42 inch to a 52 inch to watch Sens games with Daddy, PS3 NHL 10....and lots of other stuff.

Should have a whole whack of pictures to post after I still have a pile of China pictures to share....1300 or so.....

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  1. I sorta doubt that she wants that for her birthday (-: I say stay with pretty shiny sparkly for girls of all ages!