Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some things that I have noticed......

I know, I know.....nothing for weeks then two posts in one day. First things first.....

I was thinking about some things that I've noticed lately.....some things have changed around here since Clarissa has been on the move. Let's see....

1) We apparently are not allowed to put toilet paper on the toilet paper holders anymore, so one has to search and usually reach awkwardly to find it. A certain little girl has taken a liking to pulling on the paper until it all comes off the roll into a big pile on the floor.

2) The days of going to a drawer in the kitchen (well anywhere in the house actually) and opening it up to grab something are over....drawers have childproof (and...errrrr.....Daddyproof....) locks on them. A certain little girl has taken a liking to opening drawers and taking stuff out.

3) The days of going to a drawer and opening it up (assuming that you can get passed the childproof locks) and actually finding what you were looking for are over......Mommy has moved everything to new, safe Daddy now needs a cherry picker or a scissor lift to get a ziplock sandwich bag.

4) The days of being out somewhere and reaching into my coat pocket and finding what I expect to find there are over. A certain little girl has taken a liking to going through Daddy's coat pockets and removing stuff and hiding it somewhere....somewhere that I'm sure we'll find if we decide to move and need to pack everything up.

5) The days of having the whole house in a true state of "clean" are over. A certain little girl has taken a liking to.....well I don't think that I need to finish this one....

6) The days of pouring myself a glass of pineapple juice.....and getting to drink it are over. A certain little girl had taken a liking to pineapple juice....well pineapple juice that is in Daddy's glass.

7) The days of getting to the door in the morning on the way to work and finding a matching pair of footwear are over. A certain little girl has taken a liking to taking Daddy's shoes/boots and bringing them someplace (hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe if I find them I'll find the stuff from my pockets.....could be....)

8) The old sitcom gags on tv of the Dad tripping on a toy and landing flat on his back (did I mention that the xrays on my back showed a small crack and some compression issues?? Nothing to due with tripping on a toy....but....) are based on truth.

Just some of the things that I've noticed......and I wouldn't trade any of it for anything.....


  1. Want to know what's worse than tripping on a toy? Stepping on lego or sharp pointy cars in the middle of the night.

    Advice: Remember to always clear a path to the bathroom and to the crib at night.

    Aren't little kids great? We wouldn't trade it for anything either ;)

  2. Ohhhhh nooooooooo!!!! I hadn't even thought about lego!!! So far Clarissa only has the huge lego type blocks...hmmmm how old can they start with the regular lego???? Just trying to figure out how much time I have.

    Ha ha funny you should say that about clearing a path to the bathroom....I have started doing exactly that before I go to bed!!!