Sunday, March 7, 2010

Needles....more needles....and huge cuteness...

Clarissa is learning to feed herself......

....and she is learning to dress herself to go outside.....

....and she is learning to touch her toes.....

....and this....well I don't think that I need to say anything about this do I????

We have been spending quite a bit of time at the doctor's office catching up on Clarissa's needles....and she is NOT happy about it one bit. In fact, she can't stand going there anymore. The poor girl has been stuck with more needles than her Grandma's pin cushion.

Between visits to the Doctor though, all is well in Clarissaville.

She has learned to climb up on the bunnies' hay box.....err...but she can't get back down. So a hundred or so times a day she climbs up on the box....and then squawks until Mommy or Daddy comes to take her down.

I had more to say, but nothing can follow this........


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  2. She is getting so big!!!!! Hope you are getting a little more sleep :o)

  3. Sleep????
    What is this.......ummmm...sleep....thing that you are talking about???? I remember hearing this word somewhere....but I can't quite place it.

  4. Here:
    Maybe that will help. I don't remember it... at all. Last night alone was enough to make me long for my desk job where I can catch up on some Zs.
    D#2 work up, crawled into our bed, kicked me out, got a fever, got some medicine, I wound up in D#2s bed while she slept in my bed. D#1 then woke up at 2:30am thinking it was time to get up, put her back to bed. Then D#1 work up AGAIN, "hungry"... put her back to bed. THEN D#1 woke up AGAIN... don't remember why, but SHE then crawled into D#2's bed with me. D#2 then woke up and needed to go potty, but the bathroom lights were off... so guess who was awake... again... *unnnngh* :-) Oh the JOYS of father hood!

    We still have to hook up - at the very least, I gotta get you your black money belt back. I have no money anymore, and thusly require it not. :-)

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