Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The pool, the sandbox, Daddy and Grandpa, apple blossoms, getting the mail....and more....

Ok, I just downloaded so many pictures I can't even remember which ones. Sooooooo, I hope that you enjoy whatever they are. No doubt there will be some cuteness in there because Clarissa is just pure cuteness. As you will see she has been having tons of fun. Visits from Grandma and Grandpa always go over big with Clarissa. What doesn't go over so well is visits to CHEO. We had a (planned) appointment at CHEO to get a hearing test. Well a certain little girl seemed to remember all to well her recent stay at CHEO, and as nice as they were...she did not like the ladies who were doing the testing at all. She was a very unhappy camper....until we walked out the door...and she immediately started singing away.....go figure.

Anyhow, lots of other things have been going on, but as usual these days I'm too tired to think about it.....hey, be happy that I had the energy to download all these pictures as I dealt with my internet connection going in and out.

Ok I have since added some comments to the pictures.

More to come soon....I hope.....

Clarissa is great at helping Daddy get the mail. Just like she insists on helping bring the groceries in to the kitchen, she has to have a piece of mail to carry home.


Clarissa hopes that these turn into apples so that Daddy can make her some applesauce!!!!!

Woo hoo!!!! A picnic with Grandpa and Daddy!!! .....errrrrrr.....and Grandma and Mommy of course......

I have got some great new summertime toys to play with!!!!!

Check out my new sandbox....but do it quietly...can't you see that I am concentrating?!?!?!

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd THIS is my very own (errrrr except when Daddy tries to climb in....and the water all flies out.....) swimming pool!!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting the photos. What a cutie-pie. Hard to remember life without them huh!

    We still have every intention of returning your money belt....soon....very soon (-:

  2. Ya definitely hard to remember...well...I do seem to remember something about sleeping a bit more....but I can't/don't want to remember our life without her.

    Ya, I've been leaving piles of cash all over cause I have no belt to put it in ;-)

  3. Well, yes, we have the belt, alas, no money tho. :-) But together, we form the perfect money/money belt team! :-)

    When did little Clarissa start walking! Wow. They grow up so fast! Wait till she wants a Tattoo... its coming soon!