Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time flies when you are having fun....

Clarissa turned 20 months old recently. Now, that means that in less than four months she will turn two years old....but more than that it means that she has now been with us longer than she wasn't!!! That is awesome to Mommy and Daddy. It may not seem like much, but it means very much to us. It means that nobody has loved and cared for her as long as we have. We feel so blessed to have this priceless little girl part of our family. We had four years of waiting for her to think about what it would be like and imagine the whole experience, and as wonderful as I thought it would be....it is a million times better. Probably a million times more exhausting than I figured on also...but so worth it. Watching her change and grow each day, doing new things, coming up with new ways to trick Daddy, new dances, new words (well sort of words...), louder crying, bigger fits.....errrrrr where was I going with this again????? Anyhow, when I think back to the tiny little girl that we first saw across the room sitting on her Nanny's lap, just looking around wondering what was going on when pretty much all the other babies were crying away. She had no idea how much her world was about to change. However, she is doing so well. She is such a happy little girl (well...most of the time...except when mean ole Daddy is trying to get her to do something that she doesn't particularly want to do at that moment), and so smart....and so ours!!!!! Life is grand!

My girls on day one:

My girls now:

Yep.....I am blessed. Life is grand.


  1. With all the different acronyms, and days, and events that the adoption community has defined (Gotcha Day, LOA Day, Landed in China Day, Referral Day, etc etc etc), I'm surprised that we don't have a "day" for when our child transitions from "majority of life spent with someone else" VS "majority of life spent with us".

    This is a perfect opportunity for us to make our mark on the Adoption Community! We gotta come up for a "day name" for this Monumental event!

    How about:
    "Now More Ours Than Thiers Day" ... no, to confrontational?

    "Ain't No Turning Back Now Day" ... hmmm, no, I think that happens the moment you see their picture in the referral.

    "Stuck With Me Now Day" ... nah, again, that happened a long time ago... hmmmmmmm...

    "What Happened To My Money Belt Day" ... right. um, no.

    "I Can't Believe You Haven't Been Here All My Life Day" ... I like it, but a little long.

    "Equilibrium Day" ... hmmmm... not bad. The EQD... I'm digg'n it! :-)

  2. Ya!!!! EQD!!!!! I'm diggin it also. I say we go with that.

    Or...how about "POOFMOTE Day" - Part of our family more of their existance

    Or..."Motloc Day" -More of their life our child

    Or..."Wultae Day" -With us longer than anywhere else

    Or...."Tao Awta Day" - Twice as old as when they came

    Errrr ok I don't have it today...these are not good....EQD much better.

  3. Are we????? Or are we just superiorily intelligent compared every other being on the planet....well except for the big fat cricket that is outside my door chirping away and driving me crazy.....he's pretty smart....haven't been able to swat him yet