Saturday, August 21, 2010

Garlic, words, driving, vacation, almost a whole year as a family...and......a pony ride!!!!!!

Ahhhh has been a busy couple of weeks.....but I am (therefore "we are") on vacation!!!! We have a busy couple of weeks ahead. On Thursday I will celebrate 7 years of being married to the most wonderful, incredible, beautiful person in the world. She....well she will celebrate something....probably something more like celebrating enduring 7 years of marriage to a bozo like me ;-)

Then on the 31st we will celebrate one full year of being a family of three. A FULL FREAKIN' YEAR ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! It is beyond words to try to explain how blessed and fortunate we feel to be able to share our life with this amazing, incredible little girl. To watch her change and grow with the passing of eacha and every day. To watch her personality develop and show itself. It is lots and lots of fun. It is actually quite remarkable that when we first received our referral it included a document that was written when she was 4 1/2 months old which had information about her including some of her "character traits"...and many of them are bang on. One thing is for sure....she knows very much what she wants...and what she doesn't want....and how to very clearly express it (most of the time). We are so thankful that this wonderful, special person is part of our family.

August would not be August without a visit to the Perth Garlic Festival. We headed out with Uncle Don and I loaded up on a great supply of fresh garlic.

I also want to throw a huge congrats and way to go to ARB on their "not such a secret secret". We have flirted with the idea. You guys are awesome and inspiring.

Clarissa had her first pony ride today!!!! She wasn't sure what to make of it all at first, but once it started moving she loved it.

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  1. As the A, in the ARB blog, I would like to take this moment to neither confirm, nor deny any of these "rumours". All I can say, is that you should be expecting a call from my laywer very soon. :-)

    I was talking to Bob at FOI the other day, and he appologized. He said, that these children should come with "Warning Labels: Caution, Adoption can be addictive". :-) But then again, all kids are addictive... until they start colouring on your wall, eating all your food, and so forth and so on. :-)