Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It is Family Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On August 31, 2009 we met this amazing little girl named Yan Hai Fu.

Yep in many ways we were in a different world one year ago. We have such special memories of China.

Fast forward to one year later.....Miss Clarissa Yanhai Lauzon has taken over!!!! She even drives!!!!

Ok...she doesn't drive, but she does just about everything else. We are so blessed, and we love this wonderful person so much. It has been a fantastic year watching Clarissa grow, learn, and change.

Last week my beautiful wife and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary and took a quick trip to Toronto with Clarissa for a couple of days. She was great during the flights. We stopped by the CNE:

Clarissa had her first swim in a pool and looooooooooooved it hugely!!!!!!!!!!!!

She was very happy to find out that Mommy brought Dolly and Mr. Bunny for her to sleep with in the hotel room.

The hotel had some super long spaghetti that she had lots of fun eating with Mommy.

We went to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Terracotta Army exhibit which was very cool. I have a follow up on this....but I will save it.

We also took Clarissa's first subway ride. Other than the big loud noise, the smell, and the strange looking people....she loved it!!! Ok...didn't smell too bad. That was just me throwing it in for comedic value......

Much more has gone on also, such as having a special group of people over for dinner....I'll post more about that later...maybe tomorrow.

More to come....

Hmmm maybe I have given you too many images of cuteness for one post.....perhaps I should be spreading them out more......should I maybe take a few out and save them????? What?????? I better not????? Or else?????? Oh....ok.......

Wait....who said that???? Is someone there???? Is someone really there?????


  1. There can never be enough pictures of the cuteness! :-) Looks like you guys have a great trip. Let us know how the Terracota Army display was. I was wanting to head there with the kids as well... we missed the Egypt Mummy display.

  2. Happy Forever Family Day! (and happy 7th Anniversary!)

    *I think someone needs to start saving for a backyard pool?.........


  3. congratulations!!! never enough cuteness!!!

  4. Hi,
    Just thought I would stop by and say hello! Your daughter is beautiful!
    I found your blog from another and was drawn here as my maiden name is Lauzon and I am originally from Southern Ontario. Even though the last name is a popular French name I have seldom met anyone who shared it with me.

  5. Adrian....the Terracotta exhibit was great. Mind boggling to think how old that stuff is. I'll post my story about that....maybe even tonight.

    Roberta....Thanks for the wishes....and well pool=work for Daddy.....so we will never, ever mention that idea again....k? :-)

    Tricia....Thanks!!!! You are right...guess I'll post some more cuteness.

    Lori...What a great maiden name!!!!! I also have not met too many of us....I guess that brilliance it just too rare. lol Thanks for stopping by.