Friday, September 3, 2010

A special dinner, terrible twos(minus 3 months)??????, and Parc Omega

I am two weeks into almost 3 weeks of vacation, and thoroughly enjoying the time with my girls. On Sunday we were very happy to have some special visitors. Four of the five 'Ottawa' families that we travelled to China with (we missed Francis and Kat), as well as our trip's Grandma and Grandpa joined us for dinner. We were also joined by Yulin and Bob which was excellent! It was really nice to celebrate the one year anniversary of becoming a family with our little girls with the people who we went through the process with. We may have been together as a group for a short period of time, but after going through something so huge together they feel like part of the family. We can't help but feel a special bond with them.

We were able to get set up for the 17 chairs that we needed at the table. Clarissa was anxious for everyone to arrive.

It really was wonderful to see everyone! Seeing the little girls looking so healthy and happy is really, really special. Kind of fitting that the weather was pretty much as hot as it was in China last year when we were there.

Debbie and Adrian brought this awesome cake that actually had the picture of all of our travel group on the stairs of the hotel in China.

It was kind of a good thing that Bob didn't come to China with us (as much as we all would have loved to have him there) because the cake would have never got cut. He was the only one of us at the dinner who wasn't in the picture :-)

Grandpa, Uncle Joey, Bill!!!!!!, and myself went out golfing with the Doc and Woody Show at the Canadian. Other than being a thousand degrees out, it was a great day. It was so hot that an apple that I brought was actually partially cooked when I went to eat it on the 16th hole. I had it sitting in one of the drink spots on the golf cart.

Yesterday we went to Parc Omega. Clarissa loved it. I will show some more pictures, but this one says it all.

These are for those of you who don't know what Parc Omega is.

Oh give me a home, where the......

roam, and the.....

and the antelope play

(ya ya ya I know...they're caribou....don't get picky on me here...I'm trying to work the song.......)

They had bunnies (not as cute as our bunnies of course....but still pretty cute).

I have more....but it has been a long day.....time for bed. Oh...I didn't even get to the whole terrible twos (three months early) thing. Next post.

C ya.


  1. What an awesome dinner! I wish we had folks from our trip here in Ottawa, they're all scattered throughout the Country *sigh*

  2. Ya, the other 10 or so families are scattered, but we feel lucky to have the 5 of us here.