Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another special day, terrible twos (minus 3 months) attempt number two, sleep probs, Terracotta, Sparky.....and of course more cuteness....

So much to say and so little time. Let me start with the fact that Saturday will mark exactly one year since we first came home with Clarissa. Looking around at the disaster area surrounding me now that she is up in bed......for now...more on that later....anyhow...where was I??? Oh ya...looking around at the disaster area surrounding me one would think that it took the whole year to make this mess.....but noooooooooooo we actually clean this up each and every day, and just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day it just keeps happening each and every day. I am tempted to post a picture, but all that would do is get me in huge trouble.....I love you Honey!!!!!!!!! -he says as he picks up toys, and cups, and puzzles, and boxes, and hmmmmmm there is my memory did that get under the stuffed panda in the pack n play?????....:-)

Anyhow...where was I????? Oh is hard to imagine that our precious girl has been here for a whole year. At the same time it is impossible to imagine her not being here.

I love this picture because it fittingly represents the blur that this year has been.

Up until this point I have pretty much written about all of the good stuff, mostly because it really has been pretty much all good stuff. We truly are blessed that this incredible little girl was brought to us. Well I have heard all these rumours, and stories about this thing apparently called "Terrible Twos".....baaaaaahhhhhhhh I scoffed at the notion of it. Tantrums, fits, stubborness, "NO!!!!"s....not our sweet little girl....not in MY house!!!! long does it last??????? Do you guys have room for one more???? I don't take much room and I don't eat much.....errrrrr...ummmmmm...ok I guess that I take up a fair bit of space, and well I do get kind of hungry. Arrrrrgghghhh I guess that I'm stayin' here. Ha ha of course it is not that bad, kind of cute actually, ummmmmm....ya.....cute......kind of. Now that she is sleeping it is pretty cute.

Oh ya speaking of sleeping.....or in this case more of not sleeping. The one thing that Clarissa struggles with is sleeping...both at night and napping during the day. Over the year we have gone through different manifestations of it, but I would say that we have yet to see a full week of solid sleeps....heck three nights in a row would be awesome. She has nights that she falls asleep around 9pm (after going to bed at 7:30pm or so) and doesn't wake up until around 7am, but far more often she wakes up crying multiple times during the night. Sometimes she cries while still asleep. It is hugely important to us do whatever we can to prevent her from feeling abondoned (again), so we bring her into our bed......where of course she takes over and Daddy gets a tiny sliver of the edge of the bed to "sleep" (read: wait for the alarm to go off) on. Daddy would sleep like that every night if it means that his little girl can sleep and feel safe.

So I mentioned that while we were in Toronto we went to see the Terracotta Army exhibit. It was really quite amazing to see. Mind boggling to think that some of these items are as old as 400 BC. We couldn't take any pictures in the exhibit so here is the best I could do.

Or this is pretty good.

So they were selling these cool Terracotta soldier statues in the gift shop. They came in sizes from 8 inches tall to 5 feet tall. Apparently they are made from terracotta in the area where the army was found (Quite a story if you haven't heard it)...anyhow.....of course I wanted the 5 foot tall one, but we settled on the 2 feet tall one. Soooo, we we just have it boxed and carry it on the plane, or do we see if they will ship it to us. Carolyn says "Why don't we just carry it on the plane?". I say "Noooooo let's ship it. If we try to carry it we will probably break it.". Carolyn says "Ok, men know best, let's ship it." .....errrrrrr....ok...we all know that she said something more like "Ok ya bozo, it you want to pay for the shipping then let's do it.". Soooooooooooo a few short days later we got home from somewhere to find a Purolator tag on our door saying that they were sorry that they missed us and that we could pick up our package. "What the heck could we be getting from Purolator???" I I hopped in the car to go and pick it up. The box had "fragile" stickered and written all over it, so I carefully placed it in the car and home I went. So I open the box, and there (hard to believe it was so quick) was our 2 foot tall Terracotta soldier about 100 pieces!!!!!!
Here is his head....

So the next morning I called the ROM and told them that remembered seeing the actual soldiers in the exhibit had been glued together, but I didn't think that I would have to do that with my statue that I purchased in one piece. Sooooo they apologized and said they would send another to me right away. Two days later Mr. Purolator man arrived at our door with another box....a bigger one this time...and in it was a 2 foot tall Terracotta one piece!!!!

Now I was going to chuck the first one, but then I saw Adrian's post with the picture of "the special plate" and inspired I became.....I think that I will try to glue him together....when I get a chance.

Also while in Toronto, we made a trip to the CNE and it happened to be Firefighter's Day at the Ex. Sparky the Fire Dog was there!!! Now given that my job title is Emergency Planning Officer, Sparky is one of my I had to have my picture taken with him.

Ok, this took longer that I thought....time for bed (Clarissa will be up soon), not too much time for cuteness tonight. What?????? After making you read all my crap if I don't provide some cuteness you will hunt me down???? Arrrrrggggghhhhhh I think that I have heard that threat before...I had better give you something....

Ok....that should keep me safe for now.


  1. Aaaaah, the terrible twos... our oldest is 12... I think he is JUUUUUUUST starting to leave the Terrible Twos... but now he is heading straight into the "I'm a TEENAGER why are you talking to me you old sack of bones". :-)

    On a side note, we can TOTALLY glue that solder back together! I've got the Epoxy! And I don't think anyone will eat off it... so we should be good to go! :-)

  2. That's great that they sent you another one!

  3. Oh I feel for you in the sleep department!! Ami did not sleep through the night for 3 whole years, ug cant believe we made it through, then again I really dont remember much of those 3 years or actually doing the paperwork for our second daughter!!
    If you are going to glue it back together maybe an open window would be a good idea!!! Make sure you have lots of interesting drinks and see what happens!!!

  4. A - Not exactly the answer I was looking for. I was looking for more of...."Don't worry Rob it will pass in a few weeks and then she will be happy as pie 100% percent of the time and loooooooove being around you.".

    R - I think that they sensed that I would head back there and grab one of the originals from the exhibit and bring it home. Their discussion was probably something like this..."I remember that guy, he looked a bit nuts, we had better send him another one.....and make sure to pack it better this time!!!".

    T - THREE YEARS?!?!?!?!??! THREE YEEEEEEEEEARS?!?!?!?!?! WAAAAAAAHAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Now drinks and statue repairs!!!!! I liiiiiiiike it!!! Giving me that type of idea could make you my new best friend ;-) Adrian....are you in???? It could result in a very bizarre looking soldier, but maybe I would get a good night's sleep.