Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall, nightmares, and it is no longer a secret....

Well.....fall is here. Wahhhhhhhhhhh summer is over!!!!! I think that it hit me last week when we made a family trek (with Grandma and Grandpa)to the Byward Market and I had to wear a sweater (but it was a Sens sweater....GO SENS GO!!!!). I picked up a whack of tomatoes and made what is...if I do say so myself....a spectacular batch of sauce. Yep we will be eating fantastic pasta dinners well into the winter

Driving to work in the dark is another clear reminder that the days are getting much shorter. I would normally be sad that it means that end of the golf season is near, however this relentless back pain has me pretty much unable to play anyhow. Oh well....spring will be here soon enough. Huh??????

Enough about about this.....

I think that in my last post I mentioned Clarissa's sleep troubles. Funny enough for 3 or 4 days after that post she slept right through the night. I thought to myself "Self, maybe writing about it did some magic and the sleepless nights are a thing of the past!!!"......then reality set in and we returned to the nightmares. Now some may say that it is no big deal and that all kids have bad dreams. While this may be true, our research tells us that in the case of internationally adoptioned children who were in an orphanage it "could" be a sign of adjustment/attachment issues. Now we are not hugely concerned because other than that she doesn't really display any other warning flags. In fact she seems to be a very happy, well adjusted little girl. However, we understand that in some cases all seems fine for sometimes years before signs appear. We will continue to watch carefully and do everything that can to help her.

Now that Adrian and Roberta have officially announced it, we would like to send a formal congratulations to them for beginning the process of a second adoption with FOI. We are really, really happy for you! It is something that we have thought about a fair bit lately. Our incredible experience of working with Yulin, Bob, and all of their fantastic people at FOI makes it very appealing.

I have lots more to say...I've been thinking quite a bit about a discussion on one of the yahoo groups about it not being ok to feel that we or our children are lucky as a result of the adoption process, but my glass of wine is empty and I am to bed I go.....I'll get back to that....

How about this bit of wonderful before I go....


  1. I can't believe how BIG she is getting already! Thats crazy! :-) I love the picture with the Pink Hat. As for the sleeping issues, yea, just wait it out. If there are no other signs of attachment, I wouldn't worry about it. I think all of our children at one time or another have had issues with bad dreams. But way to keep vigilant!

    Oh, and its nice that we FINALLY recorded our first win last night! ;-)

  2. Ya she is definitely getting big. And getting the 'tude' to match.....but it is the cutest 'tude' that I ever did see.

    And yes, it is crazy....or is it???? Could it be so sane that it's crazy.......hmmmmmm I wonder.

    Thanks for the encouragement Adrian!!!!!

    If you think that picture is cute just wait until I post the latest ones.....Wow!!! Maybe tomorrow if I get a few minutes.

    First win of MANY!!! GO SENS GO!!!!!!!