Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gatineau Park, a budding musician???, Contributors????

As I type on this Saturday night the Sens are tied 3-3 with the Habs (boooooo Habs!!!!!!!) in the third period. Go Sens!!!!!

Soooooo what's been goin' on???? Well lots of this.....

and this.....

Uncle Joey came to visit and I don't think that I need to say whether Clarissa enjoyed seeing him or not...I'll just show you this.....

Ahhhhh crap.....Habs scored with lest than 4 minutes left....

We made a trip to Gatineau Park to see the fall leaves.

What???? Forget the leaves???? Show us Clarissa???? Oh....ok...let's see....

Hmmmmm is it just me or does it seem like I loooooooove Gatineau Parc???? Yep, I sure do. Probably because Mom used to bring me there every fall when I was a kid (not to be confused with the "big kid" that I still am....). Miss my Mother. I was lucky to have her.

So, it looks like Clarissa is following Daddy in the love for music...and especially the drums. We make regular trips downstairs so that she can play the keyboard, bongos, guitar, and of course the drums....

So I just happened to notice on the left side of the site there is a section that says "Contributors"....and it has me "Sensfanrob" (ya ya they lost tonight...don't bug me...;-)) and it has "Carolyn".....but I don't recall any posts from this "Carolyn" you????? Who is she????? Does she really exist???? These are all very, very good questions. So I say that we start a movement to find out. Send a comment asking this "Carolyn" person to post something. Let's see if she is real!!!!! I put it in your hands good readers....hmmmmmm do you exist???

We went to Carol's 40th birthday party last night at the Tartan Pub. We had a great time with the golf guys and the ladies!

I like this picture taken during a visit from Grandma and Grandpa....

Check this out and see why I feel like I am sooooooooo lucky........

Tell I need to say any more than that???????? I am blessed.


  1. If you actually get your Bride to post, then so will I *Don't do it Carolyn!*


  2. Oh, this could be fun. Come on Carolyn post, post, post. Then maybe whether or not Roberta posts could be their deciding factor on who goes to China!!! He He He!!! See I am the smart one who does not even involve my other half to even enter my world of blog!!!!

  3. I am definitely intrigued to see what Carolyn and Roberta would write about. Now I can't speak for Adrian...but I suspect that I probably could by saying that while I/we am/are curious to see their take...I/we know that it couldn't possibly match the perfect blend of intellect, relevance, insight, humour, and masculinity (Ok...that last one is purely to save me/us should the others let me/us down). However, let me/us be clear here...she/they are NOT taking over here!!!! This is where the word of the man lives and breathes...and gets typed...errrrrr and perhaps sometimes edited by my/our wife/wives.

    How is that Adrian????? With me????

  4. Absolutely!!! In fact, I think I'm gonna go change the password on the b*og - that way she/they CAN'T update/post! :-)

    After all, is she/them ever got to the posting, they might de-bunk all the lies... er, TRUTH we've told about them, and our Masculinity! :-)