Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Rob, this is Carolyn, and this is Clarissa. And she is?.....She is our daughter of course....

Something interesting that happened recently. Sort of one of those moments....you know? Not a bad thing....just one of those "hmmmm that is kind of interesting" moments. One of those "wow that has never really crossed my mind" kind of moments.

But wait....before I get to that let me get to this......

Oh....and I like this too....

It was Halloween afterall....

Ok, back to my moment....

We were out on the weekend and met someone that we hadn't met before...it went something like this (I will do this "a la Adrian" if I may....)

Him: Hi! Welcome! My name is Mark.
Me: Hi Mark! I'm Rob!
Carolyn: Hi! I'm Carolyn!
Me: And this is Clarissa!
Him:slight pause....and she is?.......
Me: (thinking to myself...what is he asking????? Didn't he hear me???? I just told him that she is Clarissa....Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)Clarissa is our daughter.

Of course he then smiled with a look that said "I pretty much knew that, but I wanted to be sure before assuming...."

Now, it took me a few seconds to "get" what he meant. He looked at us, and looked at Clarissa, and wanted to be sure that she was in fact our daughter.

To be honest this caught me a bit off guard. Upon reflection I realized that perhaps at times I am not aware enough of the reality of our world. I realized that perhaps I am absolutely oblivious to the fact that our precious little girl doesn't look like us. I realized that perhaps others look at us and wonder. I realized that perhaps when I am at the grocery store with my amazingly wonderful, special little girl that people say to themselves "I wonder where his Asian wife is. Oh, and his Asian wife must be beautiful because look at how beautiful his little girl is". I realized that perhaps people are thinking "What is that strange looking man doing with that incredibly beautiful little girl???".

Firstly, my wife, while not Asian, is incredibly beautiful, and amazingly wonderful, and special!

Then I am left asking myself "Self, am I wrong to be absolutely oblivious to all this????......or am I right?????".....and.... "Self, am I wrong to not be constantly aware of all this????.....or am I right?????".

It struck me how I truly don't think of her as being "different" than us in any way. I think of her only as my daughter. I think of her only as the amazingly wonderful, special, funny, brilliant, beautiful little girl that I love so very much.

Then I say to myself "Self, you can never forget these things because you always need to be aware of her needs.". Then I say to myself "Self, but even considering this whole conversation that I am having with myself, I am always still very aware of her needs. I will protect all of her needs from anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime.". Then I say to myself "Self, but does any of this really have anything to do with me seeing her as nothing other than my amazingly wonderful, special, funny, brilliant, beautiful daughter who I love so very much?????".

I don't think so.

Oh....before we got dressed up for Halloween we did this.......

Yep.....that's Clarissa. She's our daughter!!!!! We love her very, very much!!!!


  1. Adorable pictures as always! Don't talk to yourself too much... well, the talking is Ok. Its when you start arguing with yourself that you is gonna have troubles! :-)

  2. "Self, why is Adrian telling me not to argue with myself." "I don't know self, I am not arguing with you, you are arguing with me!" "I am not self, it is you who is arguing with me!!" Ah that's it self, I am leaving!" "I thought you were leaving self." "I did leave self, stop following me!!" "I am not following you self, you are following me!!!!". "You are too much self, I am going to ask Adrian who is right!" "No you aren't self, I am!!" "No!" "No!"