Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Big girl's bed......

We talked about it and decided that it was time for the crib to go. Well technically Carolyn decided, and then I approved it when she told me "Clarissa's new bed is waiting at the Sears outlet, go and pick it up!" and I did. Ok it wasn't actually like that at all, but it sounds more entertaining than "We talked about it and decided that it was time for the crib to go." don't you think??? Did I just get myself in trouble with my incredibly beautiful wife???? Did I just save myself???? Huh???? "No it's too late to save yourself Rob. Not even your silver tongued nuggets of sweetness are going save you."

Hmmmm did I have a point before I went off on my nonsensical rambling???? Oh yes, the big bed switch....well we weren't sure how Clarissa would do with the whole thing. She doesn't do well with disruption to her world as she likes and is used to it, and she is somewhat...ok very possesive of her things these days. So my strategy was to enlist her services (and her tool kit) to help Daddy construct the bed. It worked like a charm!!! She was quite proud that she helped to build it,

and she immediately took a huge liking to her "big girl bed".

The thing that we hadn't quite factored into our plan of brilliance was the fact that she can now get up at anytime (read 3:30am) and come into our bed and take over...pretty much putting an end to Daddy's sleeptime, while her and Mommy snooze away joyfully.....

Nanna and Poppa brought her a great bubble blowing lawnmower that Clarissa is loving playing with!!!!

The new deck is built....

now let's have some weather that will allow us to use it....somewhere between the constant downpours and 35000 celcius would be good....

Oh well I guess that is enough of my gold for now......


  1. Ah yes...the joys of independence - especially at 3:30 in the morning! Hope she soon loves her bed so much she sleeps there all night long!

  2. Well, our eldest is turning 13 in a couple of weeks... and I don't think we've had a full night sleep in ooooooooh, 13 years. :-) There is *always* at least 1 little person crawling into bed at some point during the night. But oh well... just one of the joys of parenthood. :-)

  3. Thou shall not envy thy Neighbours deck....*sigh*