Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloweeeeeeeeen cuteness...

Well now presenting the cutest kangaroo....

She didn't make it long enough to see any of the kids come to the door, but she did get to have some fun on her first Halloween. She even tried her first Tootsie Pop....ummmmm let's not tell Mommy about that one.....just a couple of licks, then Daddy to over and made his way through to the tootsie roll centre...tried to count the licks but a certain little girl kept distracting me...and Clarissa wasn't helping either. Where is that owl when I need him????

Carolyn and I had the annual pumpkin carving contest...ok I'm the only one who considers it a contest.....pretty good though because that way I always win.
This years entries.....errrrr....ok "entry" and Carolyn's too. (can you guess which one is which????)

We had quite a few kids, but luckily we didn't have to dig in to the "stuff that we like and put aside" stash of candy....woo hoo!!!!

Clarissa has a bit of a cough today...but so far it doesn't seem like anything to worry too much about. We are going to lay low walk for Clarissa today.
We are just going to hang out at home and watch the last F1 race of the season. Hard to believe it's the last race already!!!!

Next Saturday is the big day!!!! Birthday number one for our wonderful little girl!!! Since she can't eat cake yet I guess that Daddy will have to have an extra piece for her.....


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