Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Needles, choppers, new toys, first time away from Mommy and Daddy, and long nights.

It's been a...well...long week for our family...but let's not go there.

Clarissa has spent the week playing with her new birthday toys!!! (and lovin' it!!!)

She even helped Daddy put some of them together.

She also spent time admiring her birthday cards.

She also discovered that all kinds of things can be "toys". For example, a bag of sugar is a great rattle, tupperware is a great drum.

She has more teeth coming in!!!

She also spent almost 2 hours at home alone with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy were out. They played, they walked, she slept...all was good. This was a first and she did very well.

She has been putting multiple steps together without holding on to anything. Before we know it she will be running. OH OH!!!!

She has also been doing lots and lots of singing, and talking...although nobody except for Clarissa understands exactly what she's saying.

She also had three needles this week. Two at the doctor's office....she set a new record for volume of screaming...poor girl was not a happy camper at all. Then we took her to get her first H1N1 shot...it went really, really well...hardly any crying at all. Hopefully it will be that smooth in three weeks when we return for part two.

We are also still holding on to hope that she will eventually sleep regularly through the night. Ok...we are really hoping that eventually WE will get to sleep regularly through the night, but that involves HER sleeping through the night. She's pretty good with the whole playing at 4am thing.

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