Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let me introduce myself....

My name is Rob. I'm Clarissa's Daddy! It's been so long....thought that I'd better remind you. And you are?????

What has gone on around here over the last two weeks??????? Well for starters I have realized that time fllllllllllllies when you have a one year old running around. I have also realized that finding a few moments to post an update is quite a challenge.

The big news????? Well a certain little girl has been walking up a storm the last few days! Each day her ventures of strolling without holding on to anything get longer. Today she put around 15 steps in a row together. The look of determination on her face as she gets ready to set off in priceless.

Other big news??? Clarissa saw snow for the first time. It was quite funny as we went through our morning routine...down to the kitchen, uncover the bird, over to the patio door blinds, open them up, and.......WOW!!!!! What the heck is the white stuff all over the backyard?????

Other big news??? Uncle Don is officially coming home for Christmas....his plane ticket is booked. Clarissa will be very happy about that.

Speaking of that Clarissa is home we will have to deck out the house in Christmas decorations.....bahhh humbug!!!! :-)

Actually I can't wait buy a tree and get it all lit up and decorated for her to see. I may even buy one more than a day or two before Christmas....and it may stay up beyond the 26th......baahhhhhh humbug!!!!! :-)

We're hoping to get to the FOI Christmas party tomorrow night. It is great fun, and hopefully some of our China trip friends will be there. We'll see how things go around her tomorrow.

We were glad to see that Adrian and Roberta, and son#1 made it home safely with their adorable new family member Ping!! Sooooooooo Adrian and son#1 made it to the top of the left side of the wall huh????? Ahhhhhh I knew you could do it. Errrrrrrr.....did I mention that when I made the trek it was raining??? Just sayin'.....

I will get more up here soon.....


  1. Left side in the Rain?! In the rain?!
    We had like 4 feet of SNOW in Beijing! I was climbing the wall WHILE shoveling the left side! :-)

    Kidding. It was way harder than I thought it would be tho. I thought it would be a plesant walk for all the 90 year old tourists... boy was I wrong!

    Didn't make it to the FOI party last night... I'll wait to hear some updates.


  2. Hey Adrian,

    We didn't make it last night either. Looking forward to finding out how it went.