Saturday, December 26, 2009

.....and now comes the freezing rain....

Yesterday was a great day of gifts, excellent food at Grandma and Grandpa's, and time with family. Clarissa thoroughly enjoyed her first Christmas.

Now let's rewind a couple of days. The 23rd was Uncle Don's birthday. He, and Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner to celebrate....and Grandma even brought dinner which was wonderful.

Don got a small gift.

Then came Christmas Eve. Everyone came over again after church and we had snacks and we gathered around the tree and opened gifts. A finely decorated tree it is too.

Oh and how about the bell that we bought in China at the cloisonne factory....

On Christmas morning it was Clarissa's turn to open gifts....and she did a great job of ripping the paper off.

Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. Clarissa enjoyed spending time with them, Uncle Don, Great Grandma, and Uncle Richard and Aunt France.

Now it's Boxing Day and we are getting a pile of freezing rain....a great day to stay home.


  1. We lost power last night, did you all?

  2. Yep. It went out in the middle of the night. Came back a little while ago.

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  4. Hey, speaking of gifts, I have this GREAT Black Money belt for ya. ;-) I brought it back from China... we should hook up with everyone and give it back to you. Let us know when you are free - of worse case scenario, I'll stop by after work again and drop it off in the evening.

    On a side note, the guy who commented right above me (points up), the Edgar guy, all those dots after "update!! ..." are links to porn, you may want to delete that... I donno... Up to you. :-)

  5. What???? Really???? No way!!!!!!! (he says as he scrambles to figure out how to delete the comment)

    Wow, I ALWAYS wanted one of those things. You are awesome!!! I think that it would be excellent for us all to hook up.

  6. Yup, I am pretty amazing... ;-)

    I'm emailing you right now to set up a play date for the kids. :-)