Saturday, November 7, 2009

....Happy birthday dear Clarissa. Happy birthday to you!!!!

Yep, today was....errrrrr still is I suppose, but she is in Snoozeville.....Clarissa's first birthday. Our beautiful little girl is now one!!! Thanks so much to everyone who sent birthday wishes to her.
She had a great and eventful birthday...even though she is dealing with a nasty little chest cold. She started it nice and early too, up at 4:30am ("yaahhhhh" says Mommy and Daddy). After playing for hours before most people are up, she was a tv star. We had sent in her picture to the local tv station and they announced her birthday on the air.

I also got to see her standing by herself and taking some steps solo, without holding on to anything. Carolyn has seen it a few times this week....while I was at WORK!!!!...but it was the first for me. It was priceless. She will be running around soon. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?????? I'm having trouble keeping up with her as it is :-)

We were going to go to Grandma and Grandpa's place to celebrate, but since she is sick they (along with Great Grandma and Uncle Don) brought cake (not just cake, but seven layer birthday cake...can't really adequately describe really have to try it to understand...if I was willing to part with even a piece of it I'd ask you to come try it, but forget it...Carolyn will be lucky if she gets any of the leftover cake....I know what I'm having for breakfast's hoping that I'm not having breakfast at 4:30am tomorrow!!! Now where was I???? Oh ya....) and dinner over to our place and we had a fantastic celebration. Clarissa was a wee bit grumpy at times because she wasn't feeling great.....she didn't even eat her cupcake!!!! Maybe she just doesn't like pink he he he

I know....I'm probably going to get in trouble for posting the "crying on her birthday" picture....but what can I say, I still think she's cute!!

Then it was time to open gifts!!!!

We ended with a little guitar playing by Uncle Don......he's a rockstar!!!

A couple more days til Adrian and Roberta head to China!!!!!! We are soooooo pumped for you! FOI will take very, very good care of you. We can't wait to follow your journey.

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