Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, I haven't been banned....yet!!!

So far, so good. Carolyn hasn't said "Ok, that's enough of that!!!".....yet. I have to say though, I'm still not sure about this whole blog thing. Truth be told, I don't even like the word "blog" or any derivatives...blogger, blogging, all sounds kind of dumb to me (no offense intended to anyone who disagrees). I won't even say it out loud, and from now on...I'm not typing it either. So there! It shall be referred to as...hmmmm what shall I call it????? How about "Clarissa's site"?? Ya "Clarissa's site"...I like it, and since I'm writing it, I make the rules. Or do I? Time will tell I suppose. I gave author permission to Carolyn!!!

I do have a couple of questions though. What is the protocol...can I jump from topic to topic within one post? Or do I need to start a new post for each topic? My thoughts aren't that structured, why should my b......"Clarissa's site" be? One post per day? As many as I want? Do I have to have a title for each one? Do I have to have a picture with each one? How long should each post be? Does it matter? Why can't I get the countdown timer to look right? Ahhhh seconds don't really matter anyhow right?

Enough questions for now. Time to watch some golf (should be playing right now, but thunder and lightning when we arrived at the course this morning had us rethink that). Later.....


  1. I don't think there are any formal rules to blo... ummmm... updating Clarissas Site. :-)

    She looks adorable, and as a proud parent, I'm sure you are gonna want to post every 10 minutes. So go ahead and post! :-)

    38 days and counting for you guys! So lucky! So close. :-) (but never close enough, I'm sure)

  2. Whew....glad to hear that...I don't follow rules well.

    You are right Adrian, never close enough for me. An interesting subject I was thinking that I'll post about. Maybe tonight if I have time.