Monday, July 20, 2009

What's longer...the wait.....or the wait?

Our LID (Log in date - basically when our adoption file was officially registered in China) was March 17, 2006. Add the time that it took to prepare our file, and by the time we received our referral for Clarissa on June 19, 2009 we're talking about close to four years of waiting....almost four loooonnnnnngggggg years of waiting. While we were preparing our file the time went by fairly quickly because we had a list of things to do.....write our life story, get finger printed, police check, reference letters, meetings with the social worker, stuff like that (it was so long ago that I can hardly remember it all). Once our file was sent off to China the waiting really began. Now, sure...we still had things to do...we had to prepare her room (which we actually did twice because during that time we decided to buy a new house), buy her furniture, car seat, high chair, etc....but we had the monthly wait filled with umpteen million checks on the Rumour Queen to see if our file made it out of the review room, then the wait to receive the referral. I'm sure that at some point most people that we know thought that the adoption was just some story that we had made up. "That poor crazy couple!!!".

Now where was I going with all of this????? Oh ya, the point was that it was a long, long wait. So one would think that the last eight weeks would be a breeze right??? Wrong!!!! Now that we know her, and she has a face and a name, and a height, and a weight, and two cute little hands, and we have pictures of her everywhere!!!...and we know that she is there waiting for us......well, ok...not so much her "waiting for us", and more of us waiting to go and meet her, but you know what I's like the clock has stopped. It has only been a month and a day since we received the first pictures of her, but I want to go and get her...and I want to go now!!! She hasn't physically been here yet, but I miss her like crazy. Does that make any sense?
Pooh says 37 more days to wait. Oh bother!!

So, I've determined that the wait is longer than the wait.

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