Wednesday, August 12, 2009

15 days to go....and counting!!!

That's right...two weeks from today we will be packed, ready to go, and relaxing. Or will we be frantically running around doing all kinds of last minute things? Yep, I think it will be the latter also. Time will tell I suppose.

Time is a bizarre thing right now. I still find the wait to be agonizingly slow, but at the same time the trip seems to be approaching very quickly. We're two weeks away from leaving!

One of the things that has really helped the time go by is following along with those who are in China right now. I've especially enjoyed and appreciated reading the adventures of Brent, Melanie, and Hailey, and Rob, Laura, and Ella. I think that they have done a fantastic job of telling their stories. Assuming that I am able to post from China (technicalogically or physically), I will aspire to document our journey as well as they have.

Oh did I tell you the story about booking the seats for our flight??? I don't think I post.....


  1. Wow, only 14 more sleeps to go! So excited for you and Carolyn. Briing a good book or something, and don't pester your poor wife (from one *poor* wife to another) on the flight (:

  2. Thanks! Hard to believe that it's getting so close.

    Ha ha, well I do think that I'm around 17 hours of music on my iPod now. Maybe that will keep me from bugging her too much.....maaaaaaaaybe.