Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One week from right now will be the night before we leave!!!!

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! We're going to China in a week!!!! I'm freaking out!!! I can't breathe!!!! My hands are shaking!!! Are we ready???? Can we really do this??? I'm scared!!!! Our world is about to completely change!!!!

HA HA HA HE HE HE HO HO HO!!!!!! We sure are going to China in a week!!!! I'm not freaking out at all.....bring it on!!!!! I can breath clearly now...!!! My hands are as steady as can be!!! We are sooooooooo ready!!!!! I'm not even going to dignify that question with an answer!!!! I am soooooooo not scared!!!!! Our world is about the completely change for the better!!!!

I CANNOT wait for us to leave to meet Clarissa. I CANNOT wait for us to get home with Clarissa. I CANNOT wait for us to experience every single moment between those two moments.

Me and my girls...oh ya baby!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo back to the whole seat booking thing.....we bought a third seat for the flights back. When I looked online at our booking we had our seats confirmed for all of our flights except for Beijing to Toronto. Now of course this is the most important of all of our flights to have our seats together. Sooooooo, I call the travel agent who booked for us to ask why. He told me that the airline only pre-books 65% of the seats and they had reached that limit. So I asked when we could confirm our seats. He told me that we could confirm them 24 hours before the flight. So I asked him what the odds were that we would get 3 seats together. He told me that there was a 50-50 chance. Well, of course this was not acceptable to me. I explained that the only reason that we booked the third seat was so that we could all be together and have the extra room (since Clarissa is only 10 months old we technically didn't have to buy a third seat). I explained that if were split up, we would end up using only two of the seats other words throwing away the many dollars to have the third seat. He told me that there was nothing he could do.

Soooooooo I phoned Air Canada. After being on hold for a while, I told the lady who answered that we were travelling to China to adopt, and... (fill in the info from above). Well she told me to hold on for a minute. She came back and told me that we had seats 23 A, B, and C. I said "really??? As simple as that???" and she said "Yes, all your agent had to do was call and explain why you were flying and we would have confirmed the seats right away. That's actually one of the exact type of reasons that we hold the 35% of the seats.

Soooooooo for those of you heading to China, if you run into the same situation just call Air Canada (I assume it would be the same thing with other airlines), explain the situation and you will get your seats. Now the only question is....will we actually get our seats????

Well we've decided to share Clarissa's site with family and I'll send out a big "Hey!!!!!" to Grandma and Grandpa (I'm still waiting to find out the official titles...but I must say that Grandma and Grandpa are growing on me....), Uncle Don, Great Uncle Richard and France, Kim and Dave (Godma and Godpa??? Errrrr with Grand, but it has to be Godmother and Godfather...I'm gonna make you an offer...oops no no no not that Godfather)...and Chelsea and Eric, Michel and Lyne, Marc, Tesia, all of my golf buddies (you know who you are!!!! The best golf buddies a guy could ask for!!!Ummm.....that's cash to be deposited to account number.....), my hockey Red Team boys (you are the best teammates a guy could ask for...I love you guys!!!!!)Suzanne and Julian (the flight from England to Ottawa is probably shorter than to Florida...ummm don't quote me on that....but I think so....and I'm waaaaaayyyyy more entertaining than Mickey Mouse), Michelle and Phil (it has been way too long!!!), Chris and Claude (it has been even longer), and Maureen. Now the question is.....who did I forget???????? I am sure that I forgot someone.....please don't be mad...I'm a bozo, what do I know???? I don't even remember what I wrote earlier in this post because it is gone from view in the box...hmmmm that must mean that I have been rambling on. Ok time to wrap it up. Oh before I do....I have an idea...if I forgot you, send me a nasty (well, not too nasty) email and I'll do a post dedicated specifically to you.....well it will still be about me of course..errrr....I mean about Clarissa......ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!

I wonder what Clarissa is doing right now?!?!?!?!?

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