Monday, August 17, 2009

Single digits!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, the counter now says less than 10 days until we leave. Woo hoo!!!

It has been hot and humid here the last few days. I think that God is trying to prepare me for the temps in China. Hmmmm, I turned down golf on Saturday AND Sunday because of the heat...I wonder how I will manage wandering around in hotter temps carrying 15 pounds of beautiful little girl around. Ahhhhh no sweat...well ok....probably lots of sweat...perhaps that wasn't the right saying to use. How about "no prob!!"? Ya that's better. I'm climbing that wall no matter what. there an elevator????

As I type this Carolyn is sitting across the room frantically working away (I just out of nowhere whistled and gave her a wink when she looked over.....she then looked at me like I'm crazy and went back to work). Her last day of work for a year is Friday, so she's quickly running out of time to wrap things up. Without a doubt she will get everything done, and it will be perfect....because that's just what she is.

We had a fantastic dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's (I'm still not sure if those are the proper titles...I'm waiting to be told...but they are working for now) place with Great Grandma and Uncle....or is that Great Uncle??? Richard and France last night. Great company, great food....yep, pretty successful venture if you ask me.

Sunny the crazy bird (I really don't know where he gets the craziness from...) has been squawking at me for posting a picture of the bunnies but not one of him, so hopefully now he'll be happy.

I wonder what Clarissa is doing right now?????

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  1. Clarissa is dreaming about her forever family too (: It's what every little girl dreams about.