Friday, August 7, 2009

Clarissa is 9 months old today!!!!!!....I'm havin' cake!!

Yep, our beautiful little girl is 9....months old today! The really, really, really....really cool thing is that when she turns 10 months old she will be with us...or should I say we will be with China. I sure hope that she is going to show us around to all the "hot spots" in Nanchang!! I can't wait to meet her.

Three weeks from yesterday we leave for Beijing....three weeks from today we will be in Beijing. Or will we actually be there three weeks from yesterday even though it will actually be three weeks from today???? Or is it the other way around??? I don't know anymore...but I am willing to bet that regardless of which day is which, 504 hours from now we will probably be exhausted and jet-lagged. Of course I'm sure that we will also be awestruck, excited, and nervous. Nervous is a funny one for me at this point. It is the one emotion that I haven't really felt about this whole journey.....well I have had those brief moments of "holy crap she's going to have a bozo like me for a Dad!!!!", but then I think "but she's going to have Carolyn for a Mom...she's going to be fine". Ok...I don't really think that...just thought that it would be amusing for this post. Well I do think the part about Carolyn....but not the part about me. I'm going to be a great Dad. Still not sure about the whole diaper thing....but isn't that a "Mom thing" anyhow??? HA HA HA ladies don't hunt me down...I was just kidding. I will happily become "Diaperman!!!" (faster than a pack of prunes, stronger than an unattended outhouse, able to hold his breath longer than Houdini...where was I going with all this???) Errrr please don't mention the last couple of sentences to Carolyn...What??? She's going to read this????? Oh....ummmmm.....I looooooooove you Honey!!!!!!

Soooooo ya back to being in China in three weeks. It is getting very difficult to think of anything else at this point. Concentrating at work is becoming a challenge...and I have a million things that I want to get done before we leave. The good thing is that tomorrow morning I will have a great excuse if my golf game isn't up to par...hey.."golf game....not up to par" aren't I a riot?

Looking forward to dinner next week (Chinese food of course) with the handful of other couples from our city who we will be travelling with. One of the couples was nice enough to invite us all to their place. It will give us all a chance to get to know each other before we head to China. I think that Bob and Yulin are joining us for dinner so that will be great.

Also looking forward to what I expect will be our last concert for a while. We have great seats for the Bryan Adams show at the National Arts Centre.

Lunchtime is over...enough rambling for now....

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  1. Happy 9 month Birthday Clarissa! Just wait till your next one, I have a hunch it'll be your best one yet!