Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That's right....not only is today the day before we leave for China, but it's also our anniversary. The day I became the luckiest guy in the world! I love you Honey!!! .....Now GET PACKING!!!! HE HE HE we're still not quite packed, but we're getting there. Another few days and we'll be done everything that we need to do to get ready to leave tomorrow.

Why the picture of Mickey Mouse???? Well, in addition to the million things that we need to do....we also spent yesterday trying to locate the remains of a mouse that died somewhere in our car. Alright...let me take a couple of steps back. On Sunday we found some "evidence" that a mouse had been in the car. So thinking that it was living in the garage I did the "smart thing" and left the car outside the garage (in the thousand degree heat) and set a trap inside the garage. Monday morning I head to garage to collect and dispose of little Mickey. mouse. But I thought that mice loved Swiss cheese!!!! I remember the cartoons...mice were always eating Swiss cheese!!!! So disappointed, I headed off to work. Since Carolyn was staying home...I got to take her little car instead of the van. Another warm day, and on the way home I started to smell something rotten.
Yesterday, it was much, much worse. It was at this point that I knew why we didn't catch a mouse in the's because he's dead somewhere in our car!!!! So we look, and look, and mouse. Soooooo we brought the car back to the dealer (it was there this week for an oil change) so that they can take the dash and whatever apart to find it, and do what they can to get rid of the smell. The car stayed there overnight...they are having trouble finding it I guess. Hopefully we'll get the car back today.

Sooooo back to China...I wonder what Clarissa is doing right now?!?!?!

One more day, and one more sleep in our own bed....the off we go!

Happy Anniversary Honey!!!! I love you!!!



  1. Well all I will say is..... I will give the real Mickey a great big hug from you guys when we see him next week!!!! Wishing you both a safe and wonderful journey - this will be the biggest journey of your life, a lifetime of wonderful change ahead of you!!!! will be thinking of you and talk when you are back xxx S & J

  2. Hey Rob,

    Hope you have a safe trip and I am so excited for you to finally meet your daughter face to face!


  3. Suzanne - be sure to tell Goofy that I said "Hey!!!". We wish you two an excellent trip!

    Tesia - Thanks very much! I hope that you are feeling well.