Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beeeeeep!!! not adjust your computer....this is a test of the email broadcasting system

Alright...thanks to Art I found info on how to post via email. Now.....let's see if it works. This technically isn't a real post. It's a test post, so I really shouldn't say anything of any substance. Hmmmmmm, I never really do say anything of any realy substance do I? Mostly  my ramblings. Well anyhow, if this does work then I should be able to work on Clarissa's site from China. This would be good because then I can read all about our adventures in China. Each evening when we return to the hotel room I'll be able to log on and read all about what we did that day. I've been following Clarissa's site so far and I never really know what will come next. I hope that I'll be able to post some pictures so that I can see where we went each day. I'm going to try right now. Let's see here...Ok, how about a picture of Grandma and Grandpa (exact titles yet to be determined). Ummmm should we have asked them before putting their picture on the web???? Ahhh it is Clarissa's site afterall, they won't mind. If they was all Carolyn's idea...I distinctly remember her saying "Why don't you test it with a picture of my parents?"...ya, ya that's it...I remember that...ya, ya.
Let's not tell Carolyn about this whole discussion. What??? She will probably read this???? Ummmm....errrrr....I love you Honey!!!!!!!

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  1. Hey , You'll have to tell us how you are posting so we can follow suit.

    So excited for you!!!!


  2. Hey Roberta,

    Sign in to your, click on "Settings" (to the right of "edit posts" , click on "Email & Mobile" (third from the right, near the top of the page), then go to the "Email posting address" section. You will see your user name, then a box, then In the box put a secret word or words, something that you will remember, but others won't figure out. Click the "Publish emails immediately" radio button to select it. Then click on "Save settings". Now all you have to is send you posts to the email address that you created (
    Whatever you put in the email subject line will be the post title. If you want pictures just attach them to the email and the attachments will appear at the top of the post.

    Don't hesitate to let me know if you have any trouble at all.