Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alive and well in Beijing!!!

Sorry that I didn't write yesterday.....did I write yesterday???? Hmmm not sure anymore, but here we are in Beijing. We said goodbye to Clarissa's birth province yesterday and returned here. The experience at the airport was a bit hairy (Clarissa was actually on another couple's ticket.....long story...but all turned out well), but Clarissa did very well on her first flight (let's pray that the next short little one....13 hours....goes as well), she cried when we first sat on the plane, but only because she wanted her bottle and she wanted it "NOW!!!". "I don't care if it will be good for my ears as the plane takes off, I want my bottle now!". She is very, very good at letting us know when she wants something. That's really the only time she cries now...and we are so good at anticipating her needs that it doesn't happen often. It is very cute though. Anyhow, she fell asleep right away and didn't wake up until we got off the plane. The one thing that struck me very clearly though was how very, very,VERY glad I am that we bought a third seat for the way home.
Oops...just got the call (and smell...thanks Mommy) that it's time to go help change a poopy diaper....I'll be back.

Attention all humans. We are your photos. Free us.

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