Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last full day in China!

Today was our last full day. We head back to Canada tomorrow.Our bus leaves the hotel at 1pm, and our flight leaves at 6pm. We will get to Toronto at 6:45pm (nice 45 minute flight...going back is much quicker than coming here was.....what??? I have to factor in the 12 hour time difference???? Oh.). We fly out of Toronto around 9pm and back in Ottawa around 10pm Friday night!! We are looking forward to getting home.
Today was another great day. We went to the Olympic park and went inside the water cube and bird's nest. The park is very impressive, and the two buildings were also. It was very cool to be inside these places that we spent two weeks watching on tv last year. They still have all of the countries flags up in the water cube, and we were able to go down and sit in the front row seats at the Bird's nest. What an incredibe building that is!!
When we got back to the hotel, I kept Clarissa busy while Carolyn packed things up. Clarissa was in a mood today but we managed to have a short snooze before we headed out for dinner with two other families. Dinner was spectacular! Kung Pao chicken that was nice and spicy, and a bunch of other excellent stuff.
We just got Clarissa to sleep....not the simple task that it usually is...she sure was in a mood today. Hopefully she'll be in better humour for the flight tomorrow :-) It will be almost her bedtime when we take off, so hopefully she will sleep through most of it.
I keep forgetting to mention that when we get back and I can actually access the site I am going to add a guestbook to it (assuming that I can figure out how to) We would love for those of you who have been following to sign it.
I hope to get a couple of posts in tomorrow..maybe before we leave the hotel, and maybe from the airport. If not I will post when we get home.
One more sleep until we get into our own bed!!!!! As I have said, we have throroughly enjoyed our time here, it's something that we will never forget....and if we do I'll pull out the 1500 pictures that I've taken....but it will be very nice to be home.
I've seen many people in our situation write how when they are leaving China they are sad to take their child away from his or her home country. I have to say that I don't feel that way at all (I thought that I would). I feel only joy in knowing that we are bringing her to Canada (the best freakin' country in the world for hundreds of reasons!!) where she will be loved and cared for, and have a wonderful life will every opportunity that we can possibly bring to her. To see the improvements that she has made in only a week and a half has enforced that belief. We have a very different little girl with us than we did on day one. We love her more and more each day...even the days when she's in a mood like today
:-) ...and wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We feel very, very lucky.
Let's see if I can pick a couple of pictures to include....

Attention all humans. We are your photos. Free us.

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  1. Love love love following the Blog! Fly safe! and welcome back to Ottawa! I'm tempted to show up with balloon and banners for you guys and Debbie and Adrian!