Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer palace, silk, and cloisin

Today was another busy day. Luckily we didn't have to meet until 11am so we took it kind of easy this morning. We skyped with Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Don which the three of us enjoyed very, very much.
This afternoon we went to a cloisin factory (don't ask it) which was pretty cool......wait a sec....that wasn't today...that was yesterday...uggghhh...I don't know anymore. Now I have to change the name of the post to "Summer palace and silk". No wait...maybe the cloisin was today....HELP!!!!! Carolyn and Clarissa are sleeping so I can't ask them. Well I do know that we went to the Summer Palace and the silk factory today. Both were great, although my Visa is still steaming from the Silk Factory. Is anyone hiring evenings and weekends???? I can do all kinds of stuff. I'd better not start until I've been home and slept a bit first though.
The summer palace was beautiful and the weather was perfect. The buildings there were built in the 1700's...just incredible to think of the history that is there. We even took a dragon boat ride. Now for Clarissa we need to change the name of the movie to "Planes, trains, automobiles, and boats!!! She has done it all in her short time with us. She is absolutely priceless in every way. We are so lucky. Everywhere we go we get looks and people wanting to check her out closer. They all say how beautiful she is. We took pictures with some of the people who asked us to today. We were rockstars!!!
The silk factory was awesome too. They showed us how they make the silk from beginning to end and got to see them pulling the silk from the cacoons (to tired to worry about the spelling on that one). Then of course they invited us to check out all of the products that they had for sale......makes me tired to think about it, so I think that I'll join my beautiful girls in snoozeville...ok so I won't sleep much, but I will rest and watch my beautiful girls sleep.
I should add that our guide Vivien took those of us who wanted to for dinner at a restaurant close to the hotel. It was excelfreakinlent!!!!! One dish especially, the Kung Pao Chicken was fanfreakintastic!!! Nice and spicy chicken with peanuts and onions and stuff...mmmmmmmmmmmm
Tomorrow is a day of shopping in the markets (don't ask me...I don't know what markets, I'll just follow the crowd). Hi ho, hi ho, it's off the bed I go.......

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  1. I hope you've re-charged your credit card for the shopping trip tomorrow!!!!