Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick update after a very long day...

The girls are sleeping and I'm on my way there too (well on my way to bed to watch Clarissa at least). Today was very long. We went to a shopping market. That was absolutely insane! But fun at the same time. 5 floors of stalls where they all want to sell you something and try not to let you walk past. "Best price for you!!! Cheap cheap!!!!" or "Friend, I remember you!!! Come look here, come!!! I remember you!!!". Of course my answer was "Ya, I remember you too...we went to school together!!!". To which they look at me like I was crazy and let me walk by. We did by two "Samsonite" suitcases though (how the heck else are we going to bring home all this stuff?!?!) for less than half of what she was asking in the beginning. Since we bought a third seat for Clarissa we can bring back 6 bags instead of 4.
We also went to a pearl market today. Can you say "Charge it!!!!!!"???? When do we go to the hockey equipment shop, or the golf store??? As one of the other guys said "The shopping stops sure are centered around the ladies". Yes I know....that's just the way it should be.
Next stop was a tea ceremony. We went to this tea shop and were given a presentation on different teas and how to make them. We tried some also. Of course when that was done they conveniently had us exit through their shop where we could buy some stuff.
Back to the hotel for an hour, then we headed to have dinner on the way to an acrobatic show. The show was amazing. Very talented young guys and girls. Contortionists, plate balancing, hoop jumping, bike riding, and whatever else there was...I'm sure that it will all come back to me after some sleep.
Tomorrow is the Forbidden City which should be very cool (and another couple hundred pictures worth).
No pictures tonight, I'm too tired.

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