Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clarissa is now officially a Lauzon!!

Today was a great day, and a not so great day. This morning we went to two government offices to do the paperwork and interviews that made Clarissa officially our daughteer in the eyes of China. That was incredible. She had such a good morning. Looking around happily as we went from place to place.
We also went to Walmart that was an experience in many ways. There were the looks that we got from the million or so people who were in the store, then there was the whole thing of finding our way to the right floor and section of the store that we were looking for....ummm.....then finding our way out of the place again. Also, getting to the Walmart involved crossing a street. Crossing the street here in Nanchang is.....well.....dangerous at best. Carrying a baby makes it even worse. Beijing is nothing compared to here as far as traffic and driving goes. There are buses, cars, motorcycles, mopeds. scooters, bicycles, and pedestrians EVERYWHERE!!!. ...and none of them stop for anything. Painting lines on the street is pretty much a waste of paint (6 cars across 3 lanes), traffic lights??? Waste of electricity. Ohhh and I don't remember if I mentioned it, but my bet is that cars get their horns changed before their first oil change. But, I will say....I don't think that we've seen  a single accident. Mind boggling, but true. As one of our group said "Somehow they make all the craziness work".
Soooooo, on to the afternoon. Ohhhh wait....more good news....Clarissa has teeth coming in!!! One on top and two on the bottom starting to push through. Now this is good news, but it's also bad news. The poor girl (therefore also her Mommy and Daddy) had a very tough afternoon. She cried pretty much non-stop for 6 hours....and there was absolutely nothing in the world that we could do for her (and we tried EVERYTHING!!!). She ate lots though and she passed out when we got back up after an attempt at dinner in the hotel. Here's praying that she (therefore Mommy and Daddy also...we really could use it also) gets a good night's sleep. Tomorrow we do a bit of touring around, but not too much more. Hopefully Clarissa will have a good day. It's heartbreaking to see her so upset. We're sure that it's a combination of her teeth and grieving the loss of her Nanny (she still looks all around the room for her when we are up here....poor thing sees noone but us "strange people".
Oh well, on that note, I am fried!!! Off to try to sleep a bit. I'm only able to post one picture at a time for some reason (did I say that already???? Please bear with me if I repeat, very little brain function.....yes less than normal...

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