Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Bogey Knights make it to the top of the Great Wall!!!

Today was a very long day...ask Clarissa, she will tell you for sure. Let's see...what did we do???? We left the hotel real early and headed towards the Great Wall. On the way we stopped at a Jade factory and learned all about jade....don't quiz's been a long day, if I get my name right I'm doing pretty good. Next it was off to the wall. Hmmmm how should I describe it????? I guess that I would have to say that it was.....great!!!! Ok...who saw that coming????? Be honest......
It really was something amazing and quite awe inspiring. The area where we were was huge, it's mind boggling to think that is goes on for almost 4000 miles. Just incredible. I made it all the way to the top and have pictures to prove it. Me and my Bogey Knights golf shirt (Hey guys, maybe we should see how many special and/or odd places we can get our picture taken with our shirts). Carolyn and Clarissa stopped about halfway and waited for me. It's a good thing too because it started raining a bit and the stones were pretty slippery and there were some incredibly steep spots (tried to get some shots of some steep parts, but the pictures just don't do it justice. You can probably get the idea from it though)....wouldn't want to be carrying my precious baby down all that way on the slippery stones (wouldn't want to be carrying Clarissa either!!!). Ummmm let's not tell Carolyn about that last sentence. The high altitude must have really cleared my head though because as I stood there at the top just soaking in all of the history of it all I had an epiphany...I realized that a lot of the people here are Chinese!!!!! Ahhhh yes I know I'm brilliant.
Anyhow, on my way down I stop for a sec to take a picture and I hear a baby crying....and I said to myself "Wait a minute, that's MY baby girl crying!!!!!!!!!!!" So I bolted as quick as I could (without killing myself...not much of a joke on that one) to get to my Honey and my Sweetie. There they were under an umbrella that some nice Chinese man "lent" to them. Even though I left them in the rain (well I didn't leave them in the wasn't raining when I left), I got a big smile from both my girls. We carefully walked the rest of the way down, and back to the bus we went.
Next on the agenda was a visit to a cloisin factory (don't ask it), where we bought some cool stuff and had an awesome lunch at a restaurant upstairs.
Back to the bus to make our way back to the city, and through massive traffic (I will never complain about Ottawa's rush hour again....ok, we all know that I will, but I will acknowledge that it's nothing compaired to Beijing. On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest, it was raining though and we (read the babies) were all really tired and cranky so we didn't do much wandering around.
Once we got to our room Clarissa had a bath...and lots of fun, then we finally got her to sleep. We don't leave for the Summer Palace until 11am tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to have a quiet morning.
I think that I will have to send Carolyn out to find a Daddy size stroller though, because after that climb I may not be able to walk tomorrow. Better get to bed.
Clarissa turns 10 months old tomorrow!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi...I have been reading your story the last few days...I have to tell you...the love you have for your family and this baby girl is so endearing. It just makes my heart explode...Clarissa is so loved by her Daddy and he is so excited to be a daddy. What a blessing you are to this child and that she is to you all! Congrats and continue to enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

  2. Hey Rob, Carolyn and Clarissa, I'm sure you guys are having a great time as a family in China. I'm very happy for you and rest assure Rob that we can feel the love that you have for both of your ladies!!

    Rob, just to let you know that I'm a father to since Aug 28th, our little boy Mikaël is in perfect health and mommy and daddy are doing well. Can't wait to chat with you in the office. Take care.