Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A good night, good morning, hopefully the afternoon will be done soon

Day......hmmmm notice that I haven't been putting in what day it is? That's because I really don't know what day it is anymore. The day after yesterday, and the day before tomrrow....ya that's it.
Clarissa had an excellent night last night. She feel asleep around 7:30pm and slept until 3:30am. When she woke up she drank a bottle, got a new diaper, and played with her toys before falling back asleep until 5:30am. Not a single tear!! We will hold on to that hour or so that she was awake during times like this afternoon that are all crying and looking for her nanny. Poor thing is just beside herself. Things are getting better each day though.
This morning we went to an ancient temple, it was beautiful......and it was freakin' hot! Holy cow!!! Daddy was melting! Our guide Mary took us to a restaurant for lunch that was very good. The table was packed with food and it cost us only 80 Yuan ($14 or so cdn) per couple. Food is very cheap in China.
Thanks so much for the emails. We really do enjoy them. I promise to try to write back. Right now it's a bit of a challenge to get enough time to post. Right now it's a bit of a challenge to get enough time to pee....oh...was that too much information?????
Marc....congrats to you and your wife!!!!!!! Two new members of the Corporate Security Services Team this week!!!

New! Hotmail sign-in on the MSN homepage.


  1. Congrats! What a beautiful family.
    Heather Parks (waiting, LID 4/6/06.)
    PS - can you mention what hotel you're in? I'll be in Nanchang next month for pre-adoption exploring.

  2. Love the posts *sigh*!!!! What a sweetie!