Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the move... I have my own room... and vocal chords

Things are changing very quickly around here. Clarissa is learning more and more each day. She's also showing more of her personality each day. Over the last couple of days she has been testing out standing without holding on to anything and pretty proud of herself for doing so. She is also learning how quick she can move around on her hands and knees, and that she can go all over the place....she is pretty proud of herself for that also. Another fun thing that she just realized that she can do is yell pretty loud last night was a yellfest...and she is pretty proud of herself for that as well.

This morning she pulled her pants up almost to her neck....she had the real old man look goin' on.

She loooooooves Sunny the bird. She gets a good laugh out of him and Daddy when they whistle back and forth to each other. I think that he was the one who inspired her to start crawling all over after seeing him fly around.

She is still sleeping quite well, and we have now moved her crib into her own room. Other than being upset if she can't find her favourite little doll when she rolls over, she has had no problem at all with the move.

Walks to the store are fun also.

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  1. She is looking soooo good! Attachment is obviously going well!