Friday, September 18, 2009

A smile in the car seat, visit the Grandma and Grandpa's, and jolly jumpin'...

We actually got a smile from Clarissa while in her car seat!!!!!!! I even have a picture to prove it!!!!! But don't let that fool you....that was short lived. Even goofy looking Daddy and a bottle will only distract the "car seat fit" for so long. We then rapidly returned to what is the norm so far. Hopefully she will get used to it. I guess that she's not up for driving to Myrtle Beach with Daddy and Grandpa!!! Ooooooooohhhhh boy I can see that now. A gleeful seventeen hour drive that would be.

What's funny is that in China she loved riding on the bus (where she was facing backwards as in the car seat), and she is totally cool with the stroller (where she is strapped in in a similar way to how she is in the car seat). That sort of strikes out the main possibilities of reasons why she hates it so much (being in a vehicle, and being constrained). I guess either she'll learn to like it, or if we can't walk there we ain't goin'!!! We tried both the car and the van. I mean we're talking a real fit here...and she really is a pretty happy camper, she doesn't cry much. Way more than the "hey I hungry, give me something to eat....NOW!!!" type crying. It's heartbreaking to see her cry like that. I may have to buy a plane to get her around because she's ok with that.

We went for an excellent dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's last night!!! Clarissa really enjoyed the visit, and she enjoyed meeting her Great Grandma! Not only was the company wonderful, and the dinner fantastic....but lunch today (courtesy of the care pack of leftovers) was awesome too!!!! Ohhhhh and then there was the spectacular breakfast this morning (courtesy of the care pack of leftover chocolate ice cream cake.....hmmmmmm I just got hungry....I think that there might be a bit left...and Carolyn is upstairs.....hmmmmmmmm..."What's that Honey???? What am I getting out of the freezer???? Nothing. No I am not eating the rest of the ice cream cake!!!! I would never do such a thing!!! Huh? What's in my mouth??? Nothing. I just bit my tongue so I can't talk properly. Huh??? What am I washing??? Nothing. It is not the plate and fork that I was eating the ice cream cake with! Huh??? You're coming down to check the freezer???? Honey, I'm hurt that you would think that I would do such a thing! Oh oh!!!! I'd better hide!!!

Before I take off I should mention that Clarissa had her first go at the Jolly Jumper today.....she absolutely looooooooooved it!!!!

I'm playing my first game of hockey of the season tomorrow (missed the first two weeks while in China...I know...where are my priorities????) I can't wait to see the guys on the Red Team!!!!

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  1. Cute pictures as always! I enjoyed the progresson from HUGE Smaile in the car seat, to the crying... so very cute! Stuff like that is always cute when it's happening to someone else. :-)

    Grandma sure looked happy/proud in the pictures!

    And on the topic of hockey, 3 pre-season losses?! Whats going on?! :-)