Thursday, September 3, 2009

Warning: Content not suitablefor those who don't like extreme cuteness!!

Just to show that we don't know it all (I know, I know... very hard to believe, but alas...), we had been a bit worried about Clarissa's first bathtime so we had been just washing with a cloth. Yesterday was such a good day that we decided to give it a try. Well....she LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEDDDDD it! She splashed Mommy and thought that it was the funnest thing ever. A note to those of you waiting to come to China.....bring stacking cups! Best few bucks that we spent. Endless entertainment...oh and Clarissa likes them too when she can get them away from Daddy ;-)
Today will be a hanging around the room day. It will be a late night. Our flight leaves for Beijing at 8:15pm which means that we will not get to the hotel until almost midnight. It will be great to get back to Beijing....we have clean clothes there!!!
Oh ya, I keep forgetting...word has it that someone was asking about the hotel that we are at here in Nanchang. (I can't see comments on our site...well I can't see our site at all..we will read all the comments when we get home, but if you have any questions until then send them to ) We are staying at Galactic Peace International Hotel..I "think" the address is 10 South Plaza Road. This is one of the nicest hotels that I have been in, just beautiful. We highly recommend it.
Did I write about the park yesterday??? Hmmmm I don't remember. So the dilemma I risk repeating myself??? Or do I capture it in the recap when we get home if I missed it??? 
Oh I guess it little girl wants to play with Daddy. I will say that the park was huge and beautiful.....loads of people doing tai chi, playing Chinese instruments, and singing. Very nice...and it was very, very hot outside.
More later....

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